Level Pi - Electronic Sheep

(CD 2009, 78.03, DR 8464)

The tracks:
  1- String Theorie(15:24)
  2- S.E.T.I.(08:44)
  3- Elfenstaub(08:22)
  4- Dishwasher(10:18)
  5- Traumphase(06:08)
  6- Theta Null(16:31)
  7- Sonnenwind(12:35)

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Electronic Sheep is the second album of the German artist Level Pi. His real name is Uwe Cremer. He released his debut album Entrance in 2006 on the Garden Of Delights-label. Electronic Sheep contains seven tracks and lasts over 78 minutes.

The epic String Theorie begins like the famous Pink Floyd-song Shine On You Crazy Diamond with a synthesizer build-up to a climax and with a guitar solo at the end. Third track Elfenstaub is a bit more up-tempo and somewhat in the vein of the early albums of Tangerine Dream. That means that Level Pi has been inspired by the old heroes of the golden age of electronic music. After three excellent tracks, Dishwasher really is a disappointment. It contains only unpleasant industrial sounds without any structure or development. Traumphase is musicwise a combination of track 2 and 3 with some bass pedals and floating synthesizers like an instrumental piece of Eloy. I love the way Level Pi builds this song to a climax. The longest track on the album Theta Null (16.31) starts slowly with a combination of piano and synths resembling the music of Michael Garrison and Jeremy. After six minutes, it moves towards a Tangerine Dream-like style. You can enjoy electronic drumming with influences of English space rockers Hawkwind. Theta Null is a brilliant masterpiece of cosmic sounds that constantly build up the pace. Sonnenwind has a Jean Michel Jarre-approach in the beginning, but the track lacks a central theme. It has many soundscapes sounding beautifully on your sound system, going from left to right on your speakers and vice versa. This final track is a captivating finale of a very good album.

If you like varied electronic music and you skip track 3, this is a perfect album for a relaxing evening. Especially String Theorie and Theta Null are highlights in this genre.

**** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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