Lesoir - Latitude

(CD 2017, 62:17, Gentle Art Of Music, GAOM054)

The tracks:
  1- Modern Godess(4:32)
  2- In The Game(5:28)
  3- Icon(4:02)
  4- In Their Eyes(7:25)
  5- Gone And Forgotten(5:31)
  6- Eden's Garden(6:46)
  7- Zeros And Ones(4:11)
  8- Kissed By Sunlight(4:58)
  9- Cheap Trade(3:11)
10- Comforting Rain(4:17)
11- Latitude(3:40)
12- Faith Is(6:21)
13- Cradle Song(1:55)

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Lesoir is a Dutch band that come from Maastricht. Their debut album, simply called Lesoir, came out in 2011. Since then Transience saw the light of day in 2013 and Luctor Et Emergo in 2014. Background Magazine did not review any of the first three albums. We now have the honor to review their fourth album, Latitude, that came out at the end of 2017. The band consists of Maartje Meessen (vocals, flute, piano), Ingo Dassen (guitars), Eleen Bartholomeus (vocals, guitars, keyboards, percussions), Ingo Jetten (bass) and Bob van Heumen (drums). After the second album Jetten replaced Dachuan Lu and Van Heumen replaced Ruben Israel. Since then they have a stable line up.

Looking to the cover of the album everything seems to be foggy and soothing. I am curious if the music sounds as how I experience the cover of the album.

In the press information you can read the next text, and I quote:
'The next dimension. Many bands create beautiful pictures: wonderful colors, elaborate motives and impressive shades of emotion, all-in an inspired framework. However, that step is merely the beginning for Lesoir, because on their new album they aim for the bigger picture. Many pieces of art are limited by measurements, norms and formats - that is not the case with Latitude. For instance, Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is certainly impressive as she is, so how spectacular must it have been to really get to experience that mysterious woman? That is a good way to describe the relation between Latitude and common art rock albums'.

When I let the above text work on me, the sense of supremacy comes to mind. Is Lesoir the newest revelation? It sounds a bit like 'grandeur' where disappointment surely is possible. After reading the aforementioned text I started listening to the adventure Lesoir possibly could be.

Who still knows the slogan of Rivella: a bit strange, but it is tasteful! And that is exactly what Lesoir means to me. When someone asks me in what kind of box Lesoir fits, I will say to that person that they do not fit in any box. It is a journey, and not just a journey but a true voyage of discovery in which something new can be heard and discovered in every spin.

If you are not a flexible person and can't listen over many boundaries, the music of Lesoir will not mean anything for you. No exam is required to listen to the music of Lesoir. However, you should keep the following terms that I think fit with their music: great, not to be interpreted, theatrical, orchestral, musical-like, craftsmanship, high level of instrumentation, variation, go-getters, misled, heavy album, fireworks, maturing, uplifting, the female singers are high school singers, you are stimulated to listen further, original, variety, bombast, whispers, classic, aggression, screams, listen again and again, hypnotic, addictive and at last, you will have to recover after listening to the album.

I hope I triggered you to listen to this album, Lesoir deserves that you do.

**** Michel Stolk (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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