Leprous - Aphelion

(CD 2021, 56:06, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Running Low(6:30)
  2- Out Of Here(4:15)
  3- Silhouette(3:44)
  4- All The Moments(6:52)
  5- Have You Ever?(4:41)
  6- The Silent Revelation(5:45)
  7- The Shadow Side(4:28)
  8- On Hold(7:47)
  9- Castaway Angels(4:53)
10- Nighttime Disguise(7:04)

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Norwegian prog metal mavericks Leprous have become one of my favourite bands since their awesome albums Coal (2013, see review) and The Congregation (2015, see review). However, those were rather heavy albums, and those days are sadly gone as Leprous's last albums Malina (2017, see review) and Pitfalls (2019, see review) are definitely not metal albums, but more in the vein of alternative prog pop. However, I also liked those none metal albums and Leprous's last release Aphelion is again an awesome, introspective musical journey, featuring ten superb, startling songs.

Aphelion is the most diverse album this band has ever made, a very different Leprous album, as it is a song-by-song album as all the songs have been composed and written in utterly different approaches. Aphelion is very melancholy and emotional as the lyrics are about mental health and anxiety, but the entire album really sounds outstanding and very dynamic. For me, The Silent Revelation and Castaway Angels are the milestones of this awesome album, featuring mind boggling melodies, heart-felt lyrics and excellent guitar riffs, with lots of orchestration as well. Leprous saves the best for last with the heaviest song of the album called Nighttime Disguise being a seven-minute epic prog metal monster with lots of musical diversity and singer Solberg at his prime! If the entire album had featured songs like Nightime Disguise, then Aphelion would be a classic prog metal masterpiece and I would have rewarded it with the maximum score....

Leprous's 7th studio album is also available as a Gatefold 2LP with two bonus tracks; being A Prophecy To Trust and Acquired Taste (live 2021). Aphelion is a must have album and I am sure that you will get hooked/addicted to Leprous's new masterpiece after a couple of spins!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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