Le Vele Di Oniride -
La Quadratura Del Cerchio

(CD 2023, 44:46, Lizard Records)

The tracks:
  1- Sogni Infranti(7:37)
  2- L'Illusione Dell'Oblio(5:09)
  3- Catarsi(7:35)
  4- Apologia Di Reato(5:53)
  5- Isolazione(5:29)
  6- Madri Di Niente, Figli Di Nessuno(5:22)
  7- Miraggi Remoti(7:39)

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Le Vele Di Oniride is a new Italian five-piece formation which has recently released their debut album, entitled La Quadratura Del Cerchio. During my first listening session I was more and more pleased with the music, the seven melodic and harmonic tracks sound varied and tastefully arranged, with lots of interesting ideas.

Sogni Infranti starts with a dreamy intro, then a slow rhythm, embellished with Mellotron choirs and twanging guitars. Gradually the music turns into a more psychedelic sound, with compelling organ waves and synthesizer flights, topped with emotional Italian vocals. The final part delivers a bombastic climate with a synthesizer solo. An interesting and pleasant first musical encounter!

L'Illusione Dell'Oblio features a slow rhythm and tight beat, then a bombastic atmosphere, I love the blend of dramatic vocals, rock guitar and majestic Mellotron choirs, slowly fading away.

Catarsi is very dreamy with Mellotron and inspired vocals, then tender piano part, dreamy, slightly theatrical vocals, halfway bombastic eruption, moving electric guitar solo, howling runs, wow! Then soaring organ and inspired vocals, in the end Mellotrons slowly fading away.

Apologia Di Reato has a tight beat with huge tension between the rock guitar and organ. Halfway a psychedelic break that culminates with a slow, sultry synthesizer solo (an obvious Arabian touch) with spectacular use of the pitchbend, accompanied by wailing vocals.

Isolazione starts with a spacey guitar intro, then a slow rhythm featuring inspired vocals, pretty emotional, halfway an excellent, guitar solo, fiery with howling runs, wow! The final part is mellow.

Madri Di Niente, Figli Di Nessuno is more mid-tempo, with rock guitar and Hammond organ, Deep Purple comes to my mind. Halfway a break with an ominous, psychedelic atmosphere, the vocals are similar to a horror story.

On Miraggi Remoti the first part delivers a dreamy and atmospheric climate with wailing vocals. In the second part the focus is on a compelling guitar solo, in a mid-tempo.

A strong and varied debut album with a band that succeeds to sound pretty original.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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