Boutrup's Music For Keyboards -
The Symphonic Dream

(CD 2011, 53:11, Ex'cess Records EXR1204)

The tracks:
  1- June(8:08)
  2- Secrets Behind The Curtain(7:50)
  3- The Symphonic Dream(8:56)
  4- Space Peace(4:06)
  5- Thanks For Everything(5:19)
  6- A Song For John(3:55)
  7- Eddy Will Not Be Ready(6:55)
  8- The Black Event(8:02)

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Lars Boutrup was involved with or played in bands like Simcess, Big Bang, Evil Masquerade, Supernova, Baby Electric, Cleemann and Juruda Music. Just like me, you're probably not impressed since you've never heard of these bands before. I surely haven't either. So without too much hope and faith I put on this record ... and I was blown away by Boutrup's music. Imagine Keith Emerson who got a sex change so that she could now play in Ars Nova or something like that. Or take Larse Larsson's Weaveworld and let Oliver Wakeman sabotage the keyboards while Jean Michel Jarre watches from a distance. You get my drift? Fast forward to track 7, Eddy Will Not Be Ready and you will experience seven minutes of glorious bombastic keyboard violence. The music is propelled foreward by the addition of a drummer and two bass-players which is a very good move from Lars Boutrup as the symphonic sounds of his synths get a nice rhythm and never degrade to new age; far from it. Every song flows and meanders through a fast flowing stream, no rapids, no blockages, just streaming and streaming and streaming ... out of my speakers, time after time.  

**** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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