Lambert -
Dimensions Of Dreams

(CD 2019, 80:00, Spheric Music SMCD 1003 R)

The tracks:
  1- Impetus(5:57)
  2- Trance Journey(13:44)
  3- Immersion(10:31)
  4- Translook(11:04)
  5- Train of Impressions(10:27)
  6- Distance(7:12)
  7- Mealstrom(5:28)
  8- Two Worlds(5:03)
  9- Yonohamo(3:43)
10- Return(6:33)

Spheric Music

Lambert Ringlage is an electronic musician from the German city Essen. In 1995 he released this album entitled Dimensions Of Dreams, in 2019 it was reissued with the bonus track Distance. The music has obvious hints from Tangerine Dream (Phaedra-Tangram era), but also elements from Jean-Michel Jarre, Synergy and Jan Hammer.

The strong point on this album is the variety in atmospheres: from lots of Berlin School inspired electronic music (often blended with percussive sounds) to more experimental (Two Worlds) and interludes with an ambient climate (like in Trance Journey). And on the track Immersion guitar player Andreas Paeth joins in, with fiery rock guitar, a captivating contrast with the soaring synthesizer sounds. But most of the time it's all about lush synthesizers layers, pulsating sequencers and synthesizer flights (distorted, wah wah-like sound in Translook, freaky runs in Train Of Impressions and pitch bend driven in Distance). The bonus track Distance is one of the highlights: it starts dreamy with hypnotizing sequencing, then a catchy beat with a strong Tangerine Dream inspired atmosphere and fat synthesizer drops, no filler, what a killer!

What a very pleasant electronic music album, highly recommended, especially to the 1974-1980 Tangerine Dream fans, but also to the fans of JM Jarre, Synergy and Jan Hammer.

**** Erik Neuteboom (edited by Dave Smith)

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