Lambert - Bon Courage

(CD 2023, 64:38, Spheric Music SMCD 1007)

The tracks:
  1- New Horizon(6:38)
  2- Dream Glide(7:39)
  3- Cave World(5:27)
  4- Fantasy Plays(5:07)
  5- Towards Truth(2:04)
  6- Runguar(2:28)
  7- Secret Call(5:25)
  8- Chain Of Images(8:29)
  9- Deep Cloud(2:37)
10- Fading Memories (featuring Johannes Schmoelling)(7:57)
11- Candle(1:49)
12- Bon Courage(8:28)

samples      Spheric Music

Lambert is the German synthesizer player Lambert Ringlage who is also producer and the owner of Spheric Music. His previous effort entitled Drachenreise (Dragon's Trip) was released in 2015, meanwhile Lambert has participated on albums with many artists, like Vanderson, Bertrand Loreau en Johannes Schmoelling. On his new album Bon Courage one track is a collaboration with former Tangerine Dream member Johannes Schmoelling (1980-1985). Most of the 12 tracks contain strong echoes from Eighties Tangerine Dream: from dreamy with soaring strings to catchy beats with hypnotizing sequencing and spacy synthesizer flights, and from atmospheric to more lush and bombastic climates. But some tracks deliver an adventurous and varied sound: solo Spanish guitar in Towards Truth and world music with propulsive percussion and an African voice (?) in Runguar.

My highlights.

New Horizon : An intro with acoustic guitar, then cheerful synthesizer flights in a mid-tempo, topped with a delicate electric guitar solo.

Chain Of Images : a wonderful electronic music sound, between JM Jarre and Tangerine Dream.

Fading Memories (featuring Johannes Schmoelling) : An intro with soaring strings, then a slow rhythm with tender synthesizer flights, in a melancholy atmosphere, gradually a more lush sound, halfway exciting sequencing, and finally flashy synthesizer runs, wow, top notch electronic music, what a chemistry between Lambert and Schmoelling.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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