Lalo Huber - Lost in Kali Yuga

(CD 2009, 78:50, Record Runner RR 0580)

The tracks:
  1- All Computers Die(03:18)
  2- Universal Legion(06:10)
  3- To Play and Die(08:32)
  4- The Entangled World (Lost in Kali Yuga, Part I)(09:56)
  5- Still I Sense your Hand(06:35)
  6- Last Trip in Buenos Aires(05:50)
  7- In the Labyrinth (Lost in Kali Yuga, Part II)(09:04)
  8- Failed to Feel (Lost in Kali Yuga, Part III)(09:06)
  9- The Hecatomb (Lost in Kali Yuga, Part IV)(11:31)
10- Back to Dust(08:04)

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One of the best progressive rock bands from Argentina is without doubt Nexus. Their three studio albums Detrás Del Umbral (1999), Metanoia (2001) and Perpetuum Karma (2006) should be in every prog head’s CD-collection, especially the one’s who like progressive rock inspired by bands as Pink Floyd and Emerson, Lake & Palmer. After the release of Metanoia female singer Mariela González quit the band. The other band members had difficulties to find a good substitute, so they decided to sing themselves on Perpetuum Karma. After listening to Lost In Kali Yuga, the first solo album of keyboard player Lalo Huber, I was really surprised, because Mr. Huber appears to be a singer with a rather strong voice.

Lost In Kali Yuga is a concept album about the ‘law of life’ or as Lalo mentioned it: “What you give is what you get.” The music he wrote for this concept is brilliant. He succeeded in getting my attention throughout the album that lasts about eighty minutes! The ten tracks have all a very high quality level. I couldn’t discover any weak part. Lost In Kali Yuga is a fantastic album for all lovers of keyboard-orientated prog rock. It’s just a ‘keyboard-heaven’ and above all a tribute to the wonderful music of Keith Emerson. Just like Emerson, Lalo Huber is a master on the Hammond-organ. However, Keith Emerson didn’t compose progressive rock only. He also incorporated a lot of blues and classical music in his compositions. I didn’t find much classical music on this album, but I did discover a track with bluesy elements. Last Trip To Buenos Aires contains all required elements in order to call it blues. The fantastic synthesizer parts on this track make it for me and for proggers who doesn’t like blues enjoyable. On this album Lalo Huber also managed to sound like Vangelis. The opening piece All Computers Die is a good example.

Lalo Huber is not only a very talented keyboard player, but he also plays bass guitar and acoustic guitar which proves that you can easily call him a multi-instrumentalist! Only the drum parts are done by Luis Nakamura, his friend and fellow band member in Nexus. He gave the album the drive, the groove and the strong rhythms the album needed. I already mentioned that Lalo sings on Lost, but I didn’t mention that he, unlike the Nexus-albums, sings in the English language. To do so is a very wise decision, I think, because many people don’t understand Spanish. It will certainly open doors to the rest of the world. Some reviewers mentioned that the English language kills the emotions in the lyrics, but I don’t agree. I would certainly like to hear Mr. Huber’s vocals on the next Nexus-album as well, even in English!

After listening to this album several times, I can only conclude that Lalo Huber made a real masterpiece. In my opinion, this album belongs to the highlights of 2009. I can only give the highest rating possible for this brilliant album. Highly recommended!

***** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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