Lalle Larsson - WeaveWorld

(CD 2009; 46:24; Reingold Records RRCD002)

The tracks:
  1- Marionette
  2- Dance of the Dead
  3- Newborn Awakening
  4- Adagio
  5- Weaveworld

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Let me state the following from the outset: there is simply no excuse for a true prog lover for not buying this album. Now I’ve made myself clear about that, I can review this excellent album by Swedish keyboard virtuoso Lalle Larsson. Being a member of Karmakanic and 3rd World Electric, he has made quite a few inroads in the prog world in recent years. His light and sparkling touch of the keys reveals a liking for jazz, but at the same time, the classical composers obviously influenced his compositions on WeaveWorld.

Opener Marionette brings this all together: a tight band that sounds superb, fingers racing over the keyboard, tempo breaks befitting a classical orchestra. This is pure prog heaven! Larsson does a fine job in the other tracks as well, backed by a five-star band consisting of bass player Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings, Karmakanic), guitarist Stefan Rosquist (Guitar Diaries) , drummer Mickael ‘Walle’ Wahlgren and Dutch guitarist Richard Hallebeek (One Spirit, RHP). Dance Of The Dead does not only refer to Mahavishnu Orchestra’s Dance Of The Mayas, but also the music does. The only difference is Allan Holdsworth replacing John McLaughlin and Derek Sherinian (Planet X) playing the keyboards. WeaveWorld contains only five tracks that last 46 minutes, including the short, but moving Adagio. These lengthy songs need time to develop, so the listener has a lot to enjoy. It’s just too bad I already handed my list of best prog albums for this year. Never mind, with WeaveWorld, I can survive the year 2010.

***** André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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