L'Albero Del Veleno -
Tale Of A Dark Fate

(CD 2017, 44:04 , Black Widow Records ‎BWRDIST 674)

The tracks:
  1- Prelude - The Poison Tree(1:20)
• ACT I (Hypnos)
  2- Morpheus(6:14)
  3- Phobetor(3:18)
  4- Interlude I - Momus(1:22)
  5- Phantasos(5:50)
  6- Interval(0:14)
• ACT II (Thanatos)
  7- Clotho(7:09)
  8- Lachesis(4:08)
  9- Interlude II - Ananke(3:48)
10- Atropos(5:37)
11- Postlude - Moros(4:55)

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During my travels in the prog world I've heard quite a few Italian prog records. From PFM to NoSound and a lot of others. And still I get the feeling I've just hit the tip of the iceberg. Do I want to listen to it all? Maybe, if I don't I could miss some beautiful music. But there is always a downside to it. I'll risk wasting time listening to music that doesn't appeal to me. And I have to admit, I've wasted a lot of hours. But... the risk to miss out on some beautiful works of art is not one to take. So sometimes I've got to bite the bullet. Take for example Tale Of A Dark Fate released by L'Albero Del Veleno. I can ask myself the question if this album is a waste of time? Not really. It's instrumental, so the risk of listening to a bad version of a Don Corleone is ruled out.

I can state the Italian prog has developed its own sound during the years. Ok, you can compare everything to the big prog bands from the early years like Genesis, Yes, King Crimson and so on... But I got the feeling there is a serious Italo Prog movement.

This CD can gather itself in that movement. I think you can match it with the likes of Goblin also trying to pull you in to a creepy movie. But it's just not creepy enough. Even when the tracks are named after some “famous” Greek gods and such. It'll do as background muzak. Sometimes even boring. The arrangements are OK but not exiting. It just lingers on. Sometimes a violin, then there are the keys, a bit of this and that.

So if you like Instrumental Italo Prog? Then it's worth listening. If you don't, you could buy it for the beautiful artwork.

** Erik van Os (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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