LA 1919 -
False Memory Syndrome

(CD 2014, 40:11, AND038)

The tracks:
  1- Fuzzy Trance Theory
  2- Marion Crane
  3- Uncle Dog
  4- False Incidenti
  5- Progretto Di Grandi Citta' Con Terrazze
  6- FMS no. 1 Hawaii 5.0
  7- FMS no. 2 Il Sogno di FF
  8- FMS no. 3 Un Giornata Particolare - Ore 18
  9- FMS no. 4 Un Giornata Particolare - Ore 12
10- FMS no. 5 Carla


In 1980 the Italian musicians Piero Chianura (bass guitar, samples, synthesizers) and Luciano Margorani (electric guitar, devices) founded LA 1919 in Milan, Italy. False Memory Syndrome is their sixth album on which guest drummer Federico Zenoni can be heard on all tracks. Una Giornata Particolare - Ore 18 contains the screams of Enrico Salvi. It's not easy to describe the musical style of LA 1919; it's undoubtedly progressive, but without the rock references, nor is it freestyle jazz, background, freaky or laidback music. It can be described best as instrumental fusion of different styles, based upon instant compositions, and instrumental well-composed experimental jazzy songs.

After listening to False Memory Syndrome - FMS describes a condition in which a person's identity and relationships are affected by memoires which are factually incorrect but strongly believed - I have to admit that all tracks have their own individual qualities; they are composed ingeniously. In some cases the electric guitar is the most important instrument, for example in Progretto Di Grandi Citta'Con Terrazze, but none of the tracks are composed rashly. This trio plays well together in several songs like Uncle Dog and FMS no.1 Hawaii 5.0. If you want to listen to forty minutes of avant-garde music with guitar play in the vein of Robert Fripp (frippertronics), keyboard effects, electronics with tape looping and effective electronic jazzy drumming then this album is a good choice.

*** Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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