Kong - Merchants of Air

(CD 2012, 57:46, Kongenial KGR102)

The tracks:
  1- El Pilar
  2- Astral Calls
  3- Steamtrucking
  4- The Gates Of Exception
  5- Same Meaning Different Worlds
  6- Wahnsinn, Baby
  7- Stug
  8- Vapour Lock
  9- No Strings Attached
10- Blue Couch
11- Back Into The Trees

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The Dutch band Kong hail from Amsterdam; they were originally formed in 1988. Their music is a mixture of tight, heavy industrial rhythms and heavy metal guitars similar to bands like Nine Inch Nails and Ministry,  amongst others, although Kong's music is fully instrumental. They were well-known for their quadraphonic live concerts. During these performances only the drummer was on stage. The other three musicians had their own private stage on each side of the venue and with the audience in the middle. Being a spectator you had to look around.

The band split in 1999 after recording five albums, but in 2008 bassist Mark Drillich reformed the band. From the original line-up Drillich is the only original band member; former member Dirk de Vries is still involved as a producer and mixer. The new musicians are Mandy Hopman (drums), Tijs Keverkamp (guitar) and David Kox (guitar). In 2009 they released their comeback album What It Seems Is What You Get and the band also started to play live again. Merchants Of Air is the second album with the new line-up. The final track of this album has a novelty for Kong: it features vocals from a guest vocalist. They also use more samples on this album. This makes Merchants Of Air slightly more diverse, although in general most tracks are composed according to the same formula. Kong are a typical live band and therefore can be best experienced live.

*** Erik Gibbels (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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