Konchordat - English Ghosts

(CD 2009, 62:35, Konchordat MusicKMCD1001)

The tracks:
  1- Prelude(1:12)
  2- The Human Element(5:42)
  3- Consequences(11:16)
  4- No Words(6:00)
  5- English Ghosts(19:39)
         - - 1. Waking The Dead
         - - 2. English Ghosts
         - - 3. Laying The Ghosts To Rest
  6- Motion(7:44)
  7- The Road Goes Ever On(6:28)
  8- Coda(4:35)

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Konchordat is a British duo consisting of Steve Cork (bass, piano, keyboards and bass pedals) and Lee Harding (vocals, keyboards, guitar, drums and percussion) and supported by guitarist Stuart Martin on six tracks. The band's debut album has been produced by Nick Magnus of Steve Hackett fame. The music can be described as melodic neo-prog which is well-crafted and well-played. However, on several tracks the vocals are a bit dull and the compositions don't break new ground. There's a vague hint to Martin Ansell's The Englishman Abroad (1986), but without the strong musical hooks. In fact, it isn't until the nineteen-minute epic English Ghosts that some of the special qualities of Konchordat start to shine through. It has to be said that the third track Consequences already has a nice build-up to it, but a musical climax is unfortunately missing. In English Ghosts this lack is made up by a well-constructed build-up of the song and some nice instrumental sections. If only the entire album would have been like this...

**+ André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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