Knight Area - D-Day

(CD 2019, 54:11, Butler Records BUR340074)

The tracks:
  1- New Horizon(6:29)
  2- Overlord(5:10)
  3- Blood On The Risers(5:07)
  4- The Landing(4:58)
  5- Omaha Beach(6:01)
  6- Rememberance(4:06)
  7- When I'll Be With You(3:44)
  8- Wings Of Time(4:35)
  9- March To Victory(7:45)
10- Freedom For Everyone(6:50)

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Knight Area has always been one of my favourite Dutch progressive rock bands and their seventh studio album called D- Day is my favourite KA album without any doubt.

The band has changed their sound slightly as D-Day has definitely more melodic hard rock characteristics than any other KA album; furthermore this album features a new lead singer, namely: Jan Willem Ketelaers, who has replaced former singer Mark Smit. Ketelaers is a hard rock vocalist and his voice fits perfectly in the “new” Knight Area sound. After Eisenhower's speech the albums kicks off musically with one of the best songs of the album, being New Horizon, featuring a superb guitar solo by Mark Bogert. The first single of this album Blood On The Risers is also a prog hard rock gem, but the exquisite highlights can be found at the end of this album. March To Victory (including the victory speech of Churchill) and Freedom For Everyone are glorious, melodic rock gems showcasing what this incredible band is capable of. The keys solos and carpets of Gerben Klazinga and again the amazing guitar work of Bogert colour these last two songs and prove that D-Day is Knight's Area best album so far.

Listen to it with headphones on and you will be overwhelmed; highly recommended, indeed!!!

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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