Klotet -
Det Har Aldrig Hänt Och Kommer Aldrig Hända Igen

(CD 2010; 37:57; Musea FGBG 4848)

The tracks:
  1- Gastronomika Proportioner(2:25)
  2- Sket Man Väl I(2:33)
  3- Dödad av Döden(3:32)
  4- Falska Pengar(2:38)
  5- Hjärnsubstans(2:22)
  6- Hållplats Hades(2:37)
  7- Oj !(1:26)
  8- Ekot Från Avgrunden(3:55)
  9- Atomvinter(3:06)
10- Kapten Sjöbjörn(2:58)
11- Brakander Boogie(3:19)
12- Det Har Aldrig Hänt och Kommer Aldrig Hända Igen(7:00)

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In the information it says that Swedish band Klotet, established in 2004, fits in the long line of Swedish prog masters like Bo Hansson and Anekdoten. But excuse me, I beg to differ! The completely instrumental music of this foursome actually sounds like an instrumental French progressive band. There’s much more emphasis on up-tempo rock music, with fast guitar and nervous rhythms, a sound which we have become accustomed to these past years from bands like Morgbl. Klotet pays less attention to the synthesizers, something which Swedish prog bands normally do much more. This doesn’t mean that Det Har... is a bad album, far from it, but don’t expect sombre and contemplative prog. This is music you don’t want family members with ADHD to listen to, because it will not improve their condition. Fortunately, the album only lasts 38 minutes, so by the time the music stops you are worn-out, I guarantee.

**+  André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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