King Of Agogik - From A to A

(CD 2011, 77:32, sAUsTARK Records)

The tracks:
  1- BC(5:00)
  2- From A.(21:36)
  3- Moonboys(0:55)
  4- Bongen(4:39)
  5- Capricorn(1:31)
  6- Early Bird And The Edible Dormouse(4:44)
  7- Personal Jungle(6:40)
  8- Free Water(6:05)
  9- A Theme(1:08)
10- Tanks On High Street(4:18)
11- Blue Tears(2:50)
12- To A(11:24)
13- NOW(6:36)

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On opening the beautiful booklet of this CD I read the following: From A to A is a personal journey through time which neither attaches importance to completeness, objectivity nor to political correctness. For 77 minutes a personal musical reflection of certain things and/or experiences takes place. Figures and thoughts from reminiscences or pure ideas about historical events that have happened in and around Autunnacum/Andernach or doesn't so...

After a few minutes of wondering what I could expect, I started to listen to From A to A from King Of Agogik in a complete dark room! I have to admit that this album recorded by Hans Jörg Schmitz (see interview), who is the multi-instrumentalist behind this instrumental project, is quite sensational. He appears to be a brilliant drummer, guitarist, percussionist, keyboard and bass player and he's also capable of translating his ideas into outstanding progressive rock music. To record this album he invoked the help of a number of musical friends like Peter Simon (oboe, flute),Wendy Hirst, Gernot Jonas, Alanda Scapes (voices), Dago Wilms (guitar), Michael Elzer (Chapman-stick), Phillip Schmitz (Spanish guitar, e-bow), Peter Simon (flute), Ralph Chambers (sax), Michael Kreutz (bass), Erik Vaxjö (Mellotron), Gary Farmer (bass) and Enno Nilson (keyboards). As I said before, I think From A To A is quite a sensational album, since Schmitz is the first musician who recorded the entire musical history of symphonic and prog rock on just one CD. All tracks contain neo-prog, prog metal, drum solos and heavy metal as well as new age and space rock. I hear traces of Ayreon, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Mike Oldfield, Genesis, IQ, Popcorn, Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Van Halen, Deep Purple, Opeth and Steve Hackett.

So while playing this album you can chose to listen quietly, jumping around, shouting and screaming, whistling a tune, playing air guitar or do some head banging in your easy chair! You're totally out of control after each song! Beware! This certainly is no music for people suffering from ADHD! Finally, I know what I want for a Christmas present: a comprehensive set of drums! If you want to know more of King Of Agogik visit the website!    

***+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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