Kevin Serra -
Mirage Reflection

(CD 2014, 25:57, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Honour The Brave
  2- Rising Aura
  3- Mirage Reflection
  4- Acid Dream
  5- Optic Red

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Kevin Serra is an Italian guitarist and composer, who got triggered into playing guitar at fourteen, after attending a Joe Satriani concert. After a few years of studying at the Guitar Institute in London, Kevin joined Italian drummer James Carta in the band Quantum Legacy. A band that played fusion and progressive rock and released one album called Deepest Desire in 2010.

This year sees the release of Kevin Serra's first solo album. Mirage Reflection is basically an EP; almost covering twenty six minutes of music, but what we get sounds very promising, high quality, guitar-driven compositions that have been influenced by the afore mentioned guitar hero at several points. Kevin got the help of his bandmate James Carta on drums, but Symphony X bass player Mike Lepond joins Kevin for the title track Mirage Reflection, together with keyboard wizard Alessandro Bertoni. This is a strong composition with powerful drumming and a mean bass sound. Nice solo parts of Alessandro and Kevin ice this tasty cake. Fusion influences occur during the William Stravato guested Acid Dream. The Italian fusion guitarist perfectly balances Serra's style and provides an amazing solo. Like I wrote above, Satriani has been of influence, his melodic style left its mark on the album's opener, Honour The Brave, where the melody really flows through the song like a stream through the woods. Here, Serra is accompanied by guest guitar player Andrea Maccianti. Besides Lepond, two other bass players are present on the EP, Mattia Melis and Leszek Zylowicz participate on two songs each.

Fact is that Kevin Serra is a wonderful guitar player, who will certainly find his way to the guitar minded audience. The album never sees a dull moment, but in a way, the compositions don't really come as a surprise. Perhaps Kevin's search for a true style of his own has not finished yet and a full album will show more of his own identity. For now, the album sounds great, but it really needs something to lift Mirage Reflection above the average shredders. The way Kevin plays makes me feel confident he just needs some time to grow, composition wise, that is.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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