Keep Rockin' -
Seismic Shift

(CD 2020, 51:50, Lynx Music)

The tracks:
  1- Synaptic Supernova(8:34)
  2- Freeze The Day(4:55)
  3- Entr'acte(6:47)
  4- Not Made For Us(7:25)
  5- Slaves To The Valley(5:58)
  6- Wings Of Lead(6:38)
  7- See My Grief(4:48)
  8- The Longest Of Nights(6:43)

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Keep Rockin' is a Polish band founded in 2008 and if you like Polish bands such as Quidam and After, then this might be an album for you.

Keep Rockin' mixes neo progressive sounds with cross over rock and turns it into almost mainstream rock music. That is a shame as this leads to the fact that the music/sound of Keep Rockin' is not really original, so they tend to end up in the category: not bad, but also not good, if you know what I mean! The vocals of Michalina Domańska-Krawiec do not really help to improve their sound, as her voice tends to become boring and predictable after a couple of songs. Opening song Synaptic Supernova starts off quite good with a long guitar intro, followed by lots of keys and atmospheric quiet passages. But follow ups Freeze The Day and Entr' Acte do not have the same high musical level and that is, sad but true, mainly due to the mediocre vocals... Musically, songs like Not Made For Us and Slaves To The Valley are quite pleasant to listen to, but the rather dull singing parts are not really helpful. The last two songs are power ballad like ones with sometimes beautiful piano parts and even some amazing guitar work. But, again the vocal performance of Domanska ruins these songs (at least for me that is...) with far too much singing in a very tedious way...

Conclusion: musically Keep Rockin' are doing fine, but in my humble opinion they really need another vocalist!!

**+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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