Kayanis - Transmundane

(CD 2015, 51:49, Lynx Music‎ LM106CD)

The tracks:
  1- Intricate Notion(3:57)
  2- Disturbing Glow(4:22)
  3- Case #1138(5:14)
  4- Run, Mr. Eldritch(4:52)
  5- Overexposed Sunday Photography(4:11)
  6- Atate(3:40)
  7- Transmundane Suite(10:08)
  8- You Were Saying(3:33)
  9- As Close As One Gets(5:06)
10- Transmundane(6:21)

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In 2015 the Polish musician Lubomir Jedrasik, who's better known by his pseudonym Kayanis, released his new album Transmundane on the Lynx Music label. It's an instrumental CD mainly containing cinematographic music. With his attractive music, Kayanis takes you in different moods. After putting the CD in your player, you'll hear lots of electronic sounds that are perfectly in sync. The moods he creates sound like different movie settings, and when you listen carefully you could imagine yourself to be a movie star. The music would fit into a futuristic western, amongst others. Some titles refer to movies or to characters, but I don't know if Kayanis did that on purpose.

I could compare his music to many other electronic musicians, but I don't because the list would become too long and it won't fit on your hard disc. Having said that, this means that the music lacks originality, but that's no problem at all for me since it's quite entertaining and the programming sounds good. However, I would have replaced the drum computer by a drummer of flesh and blood...

***+ Erik van Os (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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