Kayak - Out Of This World

(CD 2021, 70:46, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- Out Of This World(6:06)
  2- Waiting(4:04)
  3- Under A Scar(6:29)
  4- Kaja(3:15)
  5- Mystery(3:58)
  6- Critical Mass(7:09)
  7- As The Crow Flies(4:09)
  8- The Way She Said Goodbye(3:18)
  9- Traitor's Gate(3:18)
10- Distance To Your Heart(4:18)
11- Red Rag To A Bull(4:17)
12- One By One(4:14)
13- A Writer's Tale(9:29)
14- Cary(2:59)
15- Ship Of Theseus(3:43)

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Due to the illness of Ton Scherpenzeel Kayak had to take a break for about four years to come up with a new album. Titled Seventeen (see review) and was released in 2018. Now, the best symphonic rock/pop band of The Netherlands, release their 18th album called: Out Of This World. The band's line up is the same as four years ago, so besides Ton Scherpenzeel with super guitarist Marcel Singor, vocalist Bart Schwertmann, bass player Kristoffer Gildenlow and Hans Eijkenaar on drums.

Out Of This World contains fifteen songs and especially the long ones are really worth listening to. The album opens with the title track being a typical melodic Kayak song. Under A Scar is a ballad-like track with a couple of tempo changes and a nice guitar solo, while Critical Mass is so-Kayak; indeed, very recognisable, and very melodic indeed. The longest track is A Writer's Tale, clocking over nine minutes and that is really the epic one on this album, very melodic and orchestral and filled with lots of beautiful vocal parts. For me, however the absolute highlight is the short, too short, instrumental track Kaja; a guitar ballad filled with more than excellent guitar solos and melodies created by Marcel Singor; goosebumps every time I hear that track!!

Out Of This World is an excellent symphonic, melodic rock/pop album and a must for every Kayak fan/adept!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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