Kataya - Voyager

(CD 2010, 47:01, Presence Records PRECD023)

The tracks:
The Eve:
  1- K Intro(0:47)
  2- Sun Geese(5:20)
  3- K Interlude(0:13)
  4- Dark Lark(5:22)
  5- Aviant 1(2:35)
The Eclipse:
  6- Black CS(4:09)
  7- K Interlude 2(0:17)
  8- K (To Carry Me Over)(9:15)
  9- Mornin' Dude(2:08)
The Return:
10- Homebound(4:45)
11- Golden Tale(4:39)
12- K Interlude 3(0:15)
13- Blue Cranes Over Korso(4:38)
14- Aviant 2(2:20)

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Kataya is a trio from Finland consisting of Sami Sarhamaa (guitar, bass, keyboards, drums), Teijo Tikkanen (keyboards, guitar, bass, drums) and Matti Kervinen (keyboards, voice). As you can see they play all kind of instruments, but during live performances they invite some guest musicians like they did at the Symforce III Festival (see review) held in Tilburg, The Netherlands in 2009. Voyager is their second album, after Canto Obscura (2008, see review). Furthermore there's not so much known about this band. They prefer to let the music speak for itself. It's a mixture of progressive rock, ambient, some edges of jazz, folk and even hints of psychedelic space rock. Most of the tracks are instrumental although some tracks contain vocals. Voyager has been divided into three parts: The Eve, The Eclipse and The Return, which suggests that this record is a kind of concept album, a soundtrack to a cosmic trip for instance. However, the music isn't strong enough to stand on its own. It lacks tension and depth; it's indeed like a soundtrack of which the images are missing.

** Erik Gibbels (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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