Henriëtte Kat - Home

(CD 2008; 51:34; Musea-Dreaming DR 8459)

The tracks:
  1- Home(5:53)
  2- Ja Wir Haben Alles(8:24)
  3- Also Ist Es(2:17)
  4- Zurückgefunden(5:35)
  5- Beautiful Day(6:00)
  6- Jacob’s Struggle/Reiten, Reiten/Reiten(3:20)
  7- Solitude(2:31)
  8- The Sun Is Rising(8:59)
  9- Right From The Start(8:27)

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Several years ago, I had the distinct non-pleasure to review the first two albums of Dutch composer and musician Henriëtte Kat for the now defunct E-dition magazine. Essentially, my main criticism was the simplicity of the compositions and the amateuristic way Kat played them. Nothing has changed in this respect on Home, her third release. In fact, it even got worse, for now she sings on several tracks accompanying herself as if she is playing an old Casio. Does anyone remember that awful sound? Well I do, anyway! I can only repeat my advice I gave Kat years ago: it’s all right if you are making records in the attic, but please: leave them there...

0  André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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