Karmamoi -
Strings From The Edge Of Sound

(CD 2023, 67:53, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Black Hole Era(7:43)
  2- Nashira (Orchestra Version)(9:11)
  3- Take Me Home (Orchestra Version)(8:31)
  4- Tell Me(6:07)
  5- Room 101 (Orchestra Version)(8:40)
  6- I Will Come In Your Dreams(5:27)
  7- Your Name (Orchestra Version)(8:21)
  8- Zealous Man (Orchestra Version)(11:55)
  9- Strings From The Edge Of Sound(1:57)

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Karmamoi changed! They have a new singer and he is good! The Italian band led by drummer Daniele Giovannoni has already made a whole series of beautiful albums. However, times and bands change, and alongside Giovannoni, guitarist Alex Massari and bassist Allesandro Cefali, the classically trained singer and keyboard player Valerio Sgargi is now part of the band. An important asset, because he also co-writes the new songs and has arranged and produced the new album Strings From The Edge Of Sound together with Daniele Giovannoni.

In addition to four completely new songs, Karmamoi took five tracks from previous albums and gave them a completely new arrangement accompanied by adding a string orchestra. Emilio Merone did the string arrangements. Sgargi turns out to be a great singer with a wide range. From low to high, from soft to hard, from jazzy to rock and opera, this man can do it without even forcing himself for a second. The new songs are all fantastic, and the older songs have been given a wonderful new life. It's completely different from the Sara Rinaldi era, but it's still Karmamoi all the way. Massari is one of the most melodic guitarists you can imagine, while Cefali and Giovannoni also have great instrument control. Add to that some beautiful piano playing and amazing orchestrations, and you have a top album.

Karmamoi is alive and kicking!

**** Arne van os van den Abeelen (edit by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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