Karda Estra - Weird Tales

(CD 2009; 42:48; Cyclops CYCL 171)

The tracks:
  1- The Whitstable Host(3:48)
  2- Skulls In The Stars(7:15)
  3- The Eye Of Silence(4:00)
  4- Green Dog Trumpet(5:19)
  5- The White Rose(4:57)
  6- The Atom Age Sense Of Impermanence(5:23)
  7- Island Universes(3:51)
  8- There Is No Finished World(8:05)

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Every music magazine has a resident intellectual who gets the promos of so-called ‘difficult’ bands. It seems that I am that intellectual at Background Magazine. Otherwise, why should I get to review the eighth album of the one man band Karda Estra? Weird Tales consists of the usual mixture of classical underground with progressive sounds layered on top of it. The album sounds like a non-stop musical orgy organized by The Residents who collectively lost their voices. Calling this a difficult album doesn’t half cover it. Weird Tales is for fans of The Enid who want to graduate to a higher level of the Maslow-pyramid in order to get a richer and more fulfilled spiritual experience. Well...I do sound real intellectual, don’t I? Well, that must be caused by the music...

* (if you are not into this music)  *** (if you are)  André de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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