Karcius - Episodes

(CD 2009, 58:22, Unicorn UNCR 5056)

The tracks:
1- Submersion(09:46)
2- Sol (08:38)
3- Combustion(12:23)
4- Incident(08:39)
5- Levant(02:26)
6- Purple King(07:35)
7- Racines(08:54)

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Karcius is a rather unknown French Canadian band producing instrumental prog and jazz rock. If you listen very carefully, you will hear different musical influences like for example: Brand-X, Pat Metheny and Weather Report. The musical highlight of this album is a song called Purple King, a solid rocker with Jeff Beck-like guitar solos and some nice, old-fashioned organ parts. However, the opening epic track Elements, which lasts over 30 minutes, is too long, especially the second part called Sol, is too weird. A real disappointment is also the piano intermezzo called Levant. Boring, guys! The last track of Episodes is Racines, which is again a space rock like track with some funky parts and a couple of guitar pieces in the vein of Pat Metheny.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)
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