Kansas -
Point Of Know Return Live & Beyond

(CD 2021, 43:43/ 68:36 , Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Cold Grey Morning(4:16)
  2- Two Cents Worth(4:29)
  3- The Wall(6:05)
  4- Song for America(10:32)
  5- Summer(3:59)
  6- Musicatto(3:40)
  7- Taking in the View(3:16)
  8- Miracles Out of Nowhere(7:26)
CD 2
  1- Point of Know Return(3:41)
  2- Paradox(4:09)
  3- The Spider(2:09)
  4- Portrait (He Knew)(5:30)
  5- Closet Chronicles(6:40)
  6- Lightning's Hand(4:40)
  7- Dust in the Wind(4:08)
  8- Sparks of the Tempest(4:29)
  9- Nobody's Home(4:55)
10- Hopelessly Human(7:21)
11- Carry on Wayward Son(6:27)
12- People of the South Wind(4:30)
13- Refugee(4:29)
14- Lonely Wind(5:28)

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The last Kansas studio album, The Absence Of Presence (2020, see review) was sheer musical bliss, for me their best album so far, and now a year later this legendary iconic classic prog rock band released a fabulous live album featuring twelve songs and the complete Point Of Know Return album, which was originally released way back in 1977!
Of course, classic Kansas tracks like The Wall (magical), Miracles Out Of Nowhere (superb) and Carry On Wayward Son (always a treat to my ears) are present on this amazing live recording. And although the vocals of Billy Greer are not the original Kansas vocals from the seventies and eighties, his performance is top notch, his voice especially shines in The Wall, a song that gives me goosebumps every time I heard that one... You can also enjoy two more actual Kansas songs as Summer and Refugee are songs from their 2016 album The Prelude Implicit (see review), they are brilliantly performed but I would have picked other tracks from that album to include on this live registration; for instance, the awesome Rhythm In The Spirit or With This Heart! Furthermore, all albums (6) from the seventies are featured here with at least one song, Leftoverture (1976) even with three, but those songs (The Wall, Miracles Out Of Nowhere and Carry On Wayward Son) cannot be omitted on any live Kansas show!! The second part of the show features The Point Of Know Return album (1977) in its entirety starting with the title track and ending with Hopelessly Human; with Closet Chronicles and Hopelessly Human being the highlights. The album ends with Carry On Wayward Son (truly amazing again), People Of The Southwind from the Monolith album (1979), Refugee (2016), already a Kansas classic song and last but not least Lonely Wind from their debut album; a truly brilliant Steve Walsh song which marks the end of an almost perfect live album.
A must have for Kansas fans and a must for all lovers of melodic prog rock; buy or die my friends and remember to play this album at maximum volume to fully enjoy it!!

***** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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