Kansas -
Leftoverture Live & Beyond

(2CD 2017, 01:56:54, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
CD 1
  1- Icarus 2(7:15)
  2- Icarus - Borne On Wings Of Steel(7:12)
  3- Point Of Know Return(3:24)
  4- Paradox(4:07)
  5- Journey From Mariabronn(8:03)
  6- Lamplight Symphony(8:15)
  7- Dust In The Wind(3:57)
  8- Rhythm In The Spirit(5:21)
  9- The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen(9:02)
10- Section 60(2:48)
  1- Carry On Wayward Son(6:00)
  2- The Wall(5:23)
  3- What's On My Mind(3:49)
  4- Miracles Out Of Nowhere(7:13)
  5- Opus Insert(4:41)
  6- Questions Of My Childhood(3:54)
  7- Cheyenne Anthem(7:11)
  8- Magnum Opus(10:29)
  9- Portrait (He knew)(8:50)

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There are three things I always will associate with the band Kansas, namely: 1.Kerry Livgren, 2.Dust In The Wind and last but definitely not least 3. Carry On Wayward Son, the latter being the best Kansas song ever! However, finally after 16 years, Kansas released a new studio album last year called The Prelude Implicit (see review) and now a year later Leftoverture Live & Beyond is in the stores. Throughout 2016-2017 Kansas celebrated both the release of their new album, as well as the 40th anniversary of their legendary album Leftoverture.

Now you can enjoy this double live album featuring 19 tracks of which only three (Rhythm In The Spirit, The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen and Section 60) are from their last album The Prelude Implicit. So, 16 old songs, and this includes all the 8 eight tracks from their best album Leftoverture (1976), of which Carry On Wayward Son, The Wall, Cheyenne Anthem and Magnum Opus are the absolute highlights, although I of course miss the voice of good old Steve Walsh, whose lead vocals are taken over by Ronnie Platt. Kansas unfortunately only has two original members, being Phil Ehart on drums and Richard Williams on guitar, but that does not mean that the Kansas line up on this album is a bad one; on the contrary, these guys still rock! On this double album you can also hear songs from the first three Kansas albums, like: Icarus- Borne On Wings Of Steel (1975), Lamplight Symphony (1975) and Journey From Mariabronn, a song from Kansas's debut album, released way back in 1974. Of course classic Kansas tracks like Dust In The Wind, Paradox, Point Of Know Return and Portrait, all from the album Point Of Know Return (1977) by the way, are on the set list as well. Strange however that from the eight other Kansas studio albums nothing can be found on this live record.... Furthermore, if you already have their classic live album Two For The Show (1978) then you will notice that 10 songs on this new live album can already be found on that notorious live Kansas album.

Still, if you are a Kansas fan, like yours truly, then this album is a must; 19 prog melodic rock tracks excellently executed, what more do you want? “Carry on wayward son, for there'll be peace when you are done.”

**** Martien Koolen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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