Kaipa - Sattyg

(CD 2014, 68:51, Inside Out Music)

The tracks:
  1- A Map Of Your Secret World(15:02)
  2- World Of The Void(7:49)
  3- Screwed-Upness(13:06)
  4- Sattyg(3:13)
  5- A Sky Full Of Painters(14:42)
  6- Unique When We Fall(5:17)
  7- Without Time - Beyond Time(9:49)

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Sattyg is the twelfth studio album of the Swedish progressive rockers of Kaipa. If you liked their previous albums like In The Wake Of Evolution (2010, see review) or Angling Feelings (2007) then you can buy this new record without even listening to it. Again the band mixed elements of Swedish folk music, fusion, rock and medieval music into the rather unique Kaipa style. Since 2007 Per Nilsson is the new guitar player in the band whom I like a lot, as his solos are more frequent, more aggressive and tend more to metal than the ones of his predecessor.

The album starts with one of the highlights being the epic A Map Of Your Secret World, a great melodious piece with lots of variations. The two vocalists Patrick Lundström and Aleena Gibson play a dominant part in this track and the song contains a lot of musical twists and turns, before enjoying a remarkable speedy guitar solo. Next is World Of The Void featuring a rather classical melody on which Nilsson plays one of his best guitar solos ever. A Sky Full Of Painters is another epic lasting over fourteen minutes. Again this a typical Kaipa track: a blend of prog, classic rock, fusion and folk. However, after the first two superb songs the quality level of the tracks slightly falters as most of the melodies and compositions are a bit too predictable. Kaipa fans would probably say that the songs are recognizable as typical Kaipa.

After twelve studio albums the musical surprises are limited to the first two tracks as far as I'm concerned. I really could do without the boring folk tune Sattyg, but there are worse albums to listen to. The next Kaipa album should offer a bit more variety and less predictable compositions.

*** Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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