Jupiter Society - Terraform

(CD 2009, 55.09, SPV 452822)

The tracks:
  1- New Universe(9:01)
  2- Rescue and Resurrection(9:55)
  3- Cranial Implant(7:13)
  4- Into the Dark(4:33)
  5- Siren Song/Black Hole(8:19)
  6- Terraforming(7:26)
  7- Beyond These Walls You Are Not my Master(8:40)

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The Swedish project Jupiter Society made a sequel to their first CD named First Contact/Last Warning in 2008. It is called Terraform and comprises of almost one hour of very dramatic, intriguing and powerful symphonic rock. The seven songs are very varied and have interesting science fiction themes. Listen and read the lyrics, they fit perfectly to the themes. All tracks have a different approach, with dark voices, spoken words, choirs and emotional eruptions from synths and guitars. The main composer and producer of JP is Carl Westholm (Carptree), who also plays piano and synth. Just like famous Dutch artist Ayreon, Westholm has his musical friends support him. You can hear the voices of Mats Levén (Y. Malmsteen, Therion), Nils Erikson on keyboards, Ölvin Tronstad (Carptree) on lead guitar and vocals, Leif Edling (Candlemass, Krux) on bass, Ulf Edelönn (guitar), Stafan Fanden (bass) and Lars Skjöld (drums), to name a few.

Terraform has no outliers, all songs are equally good. One exception however is the last track Beyond These Walls which is superb with hammering guitars and the dual vocals of Ölvin and Cia Backman. 

If you like the music of Ayreon, Within Temptation or Nightwish and you like space rock music this is certainly a right choice. I was pleased that there was no grunge, heavy metal or other disturbing sounds or effects on this CD.

 ****  Cor Smeets (edited by Melody Oakley)

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