Jupiter Hollow - AHDOMN

(CD 2018, 44:26, Independent Release)

The tracks:
  1- Ascending(2:46)
  2- Hades Heart(4:31)
  3- Deep In Space(5:05)
  4- Over 50 Years(5:00)
  5- Mandating Our Existence(10:29)
  6- Null Without Praise(16:32)

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Youth has the future, they say. In the world of progressive rock the dinosaurs still roam and the aging aficionados seems to keep holding on to their heroes of decades ago. Every time I credit myself for being open for new music, yes, I do like heavy grunts and djenty metalcore, I have to remind myself of my adoration for a Canadian band that recently celebrated their 40th anniversary. That brings me to the point that the pure progressive rock, we were raised upon, is on its way to the grave, just as we are. However, when youngsters like the duo! Jupiter Hollow fuse a large part of the for us familiar progressive rock, with progressive and alternative metal and a large part of fantastic craftsmanship, my old heart gets warmed with joy.

When Jupiter Hollow released their debut EP; Odyssey (2017, see review) I was totally blown away of the aforementioned combination. In 2018 Jupiter Hollow extended the Odyssey EP, including the smooth and gentle Ascending, the Rush related Hades Heart and Deep In Space and the perhaps controversial Tool kind of track Over 50 Years with two new compositions; the over ten minutes clocking Mandating Our Existence and the sixteen and a half minute epic; Null Without Praise. The dynamic duo; consisting of vocalist, drummer and keyboard player Kenny Parry and guitarist and bass player Grant McKenzie are here with their first complete album titled AHDOMN.

Focussing on both new compositions; Mandating Our Existence is a smooth starter, Kenny's vocals are subtle balancing over minimal piano parts. Showing how the guys are able to compose such a mature composition at such a young age, big credits for that. During the second half of the track, the power gains, drums, and guitar take over from the piano, working towards a powerful part, just to return to the smooth piano melody from the beginning. The final composition Null Without Praise will surprise you; psychedelic parts, distorted vocals and screams are about the opposite from the previous song, but nevertheless equally impressive. During the song the mood and impact also changes, so after the heavy introduction, the song turns mellow, softer and intense. Creating their most impressive composition so far.

After having listened for any times now, there is no doubt for me anymore; Jupiter Hollow is (for me) the best new thing in progressive rock music. Creating intelligent, challenging compositions using power as well as deep emotions and only having two persons in the band. I think we do not have enough stars to cover this majestic album!

***** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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