Jump - Breaking Point

(CD 2020, 49:25, F2 Music)

The tracks:
  1- The Heroes(4:55)
  2- The King(6:03)
  3- The City(6:16)
  4- The Voices(4:36)
  5- The Cellar(2:24)
  6- Breaking Point(7:17)
  7- The Parade(4:57)
  8- The Widow(5:27)
  9- The Cold Fire(7:22)

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A few years ago I reviewed Over The Top (2016, see review), the last album by Welsh prog rockers Jump and rewarded it with 3 stars. I always listen quite a few times before I review an album and although I really loved the album there was something old fashioned about it. In the review I said I would probably listen a lot more to the album and believe me, I did. It was in the CD player in my car for more than a year and I still can't stop listening to it. Although lyrics are important to me I never listen very well to them because I mostly focus on the instrumental side. But I love to read them and often that's a disappointment, I mean not every lyricist is an Ian Anderson. Jump however has John Dexter Jones and this man knows his trade! His story telling is superb and that combined with his emotional vocal style is one of the main reasons I love, as they say themselves: Jump - A British Rock Band. Jump is rock, but also prog, folk and whatever. Most of all they're great!.

The new album came out and I bought it instantly. No, I didn't wait for a review sample, I wanted to have it. So here is after four years the new album Breaking Point. Co-written and produced by guitarist Ronnie Rundle, and what a fantastic production job he did. The album is absolutely not a follow up of the last album, that's not how Jump works. Every album has to sound different. So nothing old fashioned this time except the outstanding quality and craftsmanship.

The guitars (Steve Hayes and Ronnie Rundle) are in the front with some outstanding solo's from Ronnie. Mo (just Mo) delivers beautiful keyboard support and Andy Barker - drums and Mark Pittam - bass are the right ones for the job (although Pittam left the band and is replaced by former bass player Andy Faulkner).

Central theme of the album is defined by the tragedy of, and fallout from, a faraway conflict. Simply put, “Breaking Point' wonders out loud about how refugees became scapegoats.... Yes, this is a concept album.

In 9 songs John Dexter Jones tells the story about where they came from, political motives, racist propaganda and the desperate moments of doubt, fear, love and hope as they search for something better, some relief and some release of the pain, a chance to be part of something else.... something better?

This is a sublime album with amazing music. With songs that tell stories on a level that not many other bands can. Give it a listen, read the lyrics and let the music and the voice of John Dexter Jones move you. and again, and again and again.

***** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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