Jonathan M Dexter -
Waking Sculptures

(CD 2022, 42:57, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Omnes Resurgent(7:31)
  2- Hit the Ground Running(4:20)
  3- One for All and All for Nothing(3:23)
  4- Undercurrents(4:28)
  5- Circular Patterns(6:16)
  6- Sundrian(0:55)
  7- Sentient Sculpted Man(4:54)
  8- Overtones(7:20)
  9- The Last Great Awakening(5:11)


This is a musical project from the USA by Jonathan M Dexter (Rickenbacker bass, keyboards and guitar) and Oliver Zisko (drums and percussion). According to the website info Waking Sculptures is an instrumental composition in nine movements inspired by our shared human condition, our rise and fall and the harmonic overtones of a larger reality singing to us every day.

Listening to this debut album by Jonathan M Dexter I quickly conclude that the music is in the realm of symphonic rock, and that the duo sounds like a five-piece band, incredible, what a strong and fluent interplay between the keyboards, bass and drums! The 9 melodic and harmonic instrumental compositions (with hints from Seventies Yes) shift between slow rhythms, mid-tempo beats and bombastic eruptions, wonderfully coloured by the distinctive sound of the Mellotron, Hammond organ and Minimoog. My only critical remark is that at some moments the music tends to sound a bit similar. But in general this is wonderful music for symphomaniacs, and progheads who love vintage keyboard oriented prog. My highlights.

Omnes Resurgent: This is Vintage Keyboard Heaven, wow, from the sound of the Mellotron (violin, flute and choir section), Hammond organ and Minimoog synthesizer to the Hohner D6 clavinet and Fender Rhodes electric piano, fuelled by a growling Rickenbacker bass and powerful drums, and featuring lots of flowing shifting moods.

One for All and All For Nothing (3:23) : First a slow rhythm, then a powerful mid-tempo with Hammond and Minimoog, backed by a strong rhythm-section. In the end majestic Mellotron choirs, goose bumps.

Circular Patterns: An obvious Seventies Yes sound featuring bombastic keyboards, excellent interplay, powerful drums, a very dynamic track, close to virtuosic.

Overtones: In a mid-tempo and a bombastic atmosphere we can enjoy a delicate bass and Mellotron violins duet, embellished with the Minimoog.

And finally The Last Great Awakening: A slow rhythm, with again majestic Mellotron choirs, and pleasant Minimoog flights, topped with powerful bass work, a trademark on this album.

***+ Erik Neuteboom (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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