Jonas Lindberg -
The Other Side

(CD 2013, 29:21, ModeMusic)

The tracks:
  1- Lies(5:26)
  2- The Other Side(5:25)
  3- Where To Begin(5:27)
  4- Little Girl(4:38)
  5- Line No 18(8:23)

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Every now and then talented musicians knock on my door and ask me to review their music. This also happened with Jonas Lindberg, a Swedish bass player and producer from Stockholm. In 2008 he took the first steps in writing and recording music at the School of Music in Pitea. At the time he joined forces with some other talented friends and musicians in order to record four tracks for an examination project. These recordings were called In Secret Pace and were released as an EP in 2012. This first effort tasted morish and therefore he decided to work on a second EP record, and he started the band Jonas Lindberg And The Other Side.

Besides Jonas Lindberg on bass, keyboards, guitars and vocals, this five-piece comprises Jonas Sundqvist (lead vocals), Jonathan Lundberg (drums), Calle Stålenbring (guitars) and Michael Ottosson  (keyboards). Together they recorded an EP containing five tracks that almost lasts for half an hour. They simply called it The Other Side. I had the opportunity to listen to this EP and I must admit that I was rather surprised by the music. At the same time I felt slightly disappointed that this release only contains five tracks. I wished I could enjoy another thirty minutes of music by this band which sounds as a mixture of Kayak, The Alan Parsons Project, Unitopia , Kaipa, The Flower Kings, Pink Floyd and Moon Safari, so this CD felt very comfortable in my CD player.

After playing the mini-album once I kept pushing the repeat button over and over again since I greatly enjoyed all five songs. All tracks are of such a high professional level that I almost felt sorry that I didn't play this disc more often! So my compliments to Jonas Lindberg and his fellow-musicians of The Other Side are well-deserved. They certainly recorded an excellent EP that will be difficult to surpass on their next record, which will hopefully become a full-fledged album containing outstanding prog rock with a playing time of at least one hour. The Other Side is highly recommended to people who enjoy the music of all the above-mentioned bands.

**** Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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