Jolly - Family

(CD 2019, 46:12, Glassville Records FSTD1 442 62 773)

The tracks:
  1- Lie To Me(6:37)
  2- Lazarus (Space Masala)(6:26)
  3- Rain(4:56)
  4- Ava(4:52)
  5- Who Will Remember (When You Forget)(2:12)
  6- Let Go(10:42)
  7- Violet(4:40)
  8- Circuit Heaven(6:55)
  9- With Me(4:36)

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Jolly is one of those bands that have a dedicated and loyal following. Even though they haven't released an album since their 2013 CD; The Audio Guide to Happiness Part 2, they don't seem to have a problem doing well attended shows, without a recent album to present to the audience. Now in 2019 their fan base can finally look forward to the long overdue successor of the two Audio Guide albums. After Inside Out, the quartet, consisting of vocalist and guitar player Anadale, keyboard player Joe Reilly, bass player Anthony Rondinone and drummer

Louis Abramson chose the Dutch label Glassville Records, perhaps due the great connection the band has with the Dutch.

Musically, Jolly plays a style of music that is difficult to pigeonhole, they use elements from alternative rock, such as the heavily distorted guitars, but you can also hear parts from pop music pop, alongside with lush choruses and catchy melodies. The track; Lazarus is one of those compositions where all the influences come together, including a fine eastern sounding melody and dark powerful guitar lines. On the other hand, a track like Ava takes you to the catchier, poppier side of Jolly's music. Those two different musical worlds are united in the longest song of the album; Let Go. A combination of dark and moody riffs, catchy melodies and an inspired guitar solo.

Jolly is inspired by bands like Tool and Faith No More, but also by progressive metal bands like Fates Warning. And that is exactly what you get, vocalist Anadale sounds like a light version of Mike Patton sometimes, while the guitar riffs sometimes are even heavier that Jim Matheos. But it is the incredible catchy combination that gets you, fine, easy to digest compositions that should appeal to a very large crowd. Family is a bit darker, than both precious albums, but for me that works pretty well, I guess the dedicated fan base has another amazing album to add to their collection.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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