Jeff Green - Jessica  

(CD 2010; 62:29, Gonzo Multimedia JGJ 001CD)

The tracks:
  1- For The Future(6:30)
  2- Vision(0:56)
  3- On This Night(9:08)
  4- Willing The Clouds Away(7:51)
  5- Pride(2:38)
  6- Essence(1:26)
  7- Woman With Child(5:39)
  8- Being(1:02)
  9- Jessie's Theme(7:14)
10- Tomorrow Never Came(8:07)
11- Prittlewell Chase(6:06)
12- Live Forever(5:52)

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Jeff Green grew up in the seventies in Northern Carolina (USA). Accordingly he listened to many country and southern rock bands like The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Allman Brothers Band and Poco. Although these bands had a great influence on his later musical career, the great progressive rock bands like Yes, Rush and Pink Floyd definitely attract his attention. He completed his music theory degree from the Sacramento City College that led to a successful career as a music teacher. In 1986 he moved to England and soon he became the lead guitarist of North Point Park. Later on he formed the classic rock cover band No Idea. In January 1997, Phil Aldridge asked him to fill in a vacancy in his newly formed tribute band Illegal Eagles. In 2002 he met his fiancée and soulmate Laura Sparks, a compatriot from California with roots in Sacramento. Presently Jeff and Laura and their two children live in the serene countryside of County Clare (Ireland) where he continues his successful teaching career.

Jeff Green's first real symphonic rock album Jessica contains the sad story of his stillborn daughter. You can read the full story of Jessica in the CD-booklet, on the web via the link below or just by reading the interview that we had with Jeff (see interview). He made this album for two reasons: the writing process helped him to deal with his grief and to make people aware of the real, yet often ignored aspects of stillbirth. To realize his first solo album, Jeff asked the help of Phil Aldridge (keyboards), Mark Cunningham (bass), Claire Furley (vocals ), Phil Hilborne (percussion, e-bow), Pete Riley (ex- Icon) drums, Glenn Sissons (bass), Tim Vogt (bass) and co-producer Mike Stobbie (ex- Pallas). Most songs are high-levelled instrumental tracks. His guitar playing is an ideal blend of the way David Gilmour and Andy Latimer play, while Steve Hackett can be recognized in the short acoustic pieces. Other bands that must have inspired him are Arena, IQ and in particular Marillion. Jessica is a pleasant surprise in these cold days of winter and an excellent Christmas present.      

****+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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