Jeavestone - Mind the soup

(CD 2008, 37.59 min Presence Records 025)

The tracks:
  1- Knight of the bottomline(3:50)
  2- Beauty contest(3:15)
  3- Crazy madness(2:55)
  4- Extended massive orgasm(4:15)
  5- The secret playhouse(5:38)
  6- Snowfall(4:57)
  7- Showpiece(4:17)
  8- Stumbling gigoloís(2:02)
  9- A prophetís daydream(6:36)

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Jeavestone is a Finnish band founded in 1999. The band released a self-financed EP in 2001 and a single in 2004 before they recorded their debut album Mind Your Soup in 2005. This album was re-released in 2008 by Presence Records. In the same year Jeavestone released their second album Spice, Species And Poetry Control as well.

The band members got funny nicknames like Jim Goldworth (lead vocals, guitars and keyboards), Mickey Maniac (backing vocals, guitars and keyboards), Tommy Glorioso (bass and castanets), Angelina Galactique (backing vocals, flute and keyboards) and Kingo (drums and percussion). Jeavestone makes unconventional music with an imaginative blend of musical styles. They define their music as prog and roll and it is surely influenced by seventies prog bands like King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Focus, Camel and Deep Purple (the guitar solos). The sound is modern, up-tempo and has some humorous aspects as well. This album brings you in a good mood, while drinking a cold beer on a hot sunny day. Itís a pity that this album lasts no longer than 38 minutes.

**+ Cor Smeets †(edited by Peter Willemsen)
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