Jargon - The Fading Thought

(download /vinyl 2020, 50:08, Bandcamp Jargon)

The tracks:
  1- The Film(5:33)
  2- In Search Of The Invisible Thin Line(5:53)
  3- Dance Of The Framed Words(2:38)
  4- The Fading Thought(7:17)
  5- Light(3:54)
  6- Time Is Running Out(6:54)
  7- How can I(6:22)
  8- The Last Temptation(7:10)
  9- Window To The World(4:54)

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This is my album of the year. Period. There can be other great albums I don't know yet,and to be honest there are a few already which I would give the highest rates, but they simply can't be as good as this.
I'm only allowed to give five stars, but 10 would be better. Is it really that good? Yes it is. End of review. Go and buy it. As digital download on Bandcamp or as vinyl.

But OK, you are entitled to learn a bit more about this gem. Jargon is the singer, keyboard player and main composer of the Greek band Verbal Delirium. Can we describe Verbal Delirium as emotional prog, on his solo album The Fading Thought Jargon gives everything he's got.
On this album Jargon (piano, keyboards) is assisted by some very fine musicians: Nikitas Kissonas, - guitars and string arrangements, Leonidas Petropoulos - bass and the fantastic Wil Bow - drums. And there is the string quartet: Kostas Karitzis - violin, Stelios Papanastasis - viola, Thodoris Mouzakitis - violin and Aris Zervas - cello. Additional vocals are by Lupe.
Let's not forget the beautiful black and white artwork by Dimitris Tzortzis.

The Fading Thought starts with the instrumental The Film. Piano is joined by a violin and the mood is set for something special. The piano dominates the album, but in In search For The Invisible Line Jargons voice brings in his characteristic emotional approach to lyrics. Great string arrangements and beautiful bass lines and to the point drums are complementing this song.
This album, with in total 9 songs of which 3 are instrumental, is holding your attention till the last second.
Don't be worried if you keep your silence some minutes after the last tone of Window To The World. You just have experienced something special. Give it time. And then play it again.

Even an album as good as this has a highlight and for me that is: Time Is Running Out (on the vinyl the opener of side two). The last line of the lyrics is:”Would this be the real me? Yes Jargon, this is the real you, a massive talent that composes deep emotional music. Thank you for this.

***** Arne van Os van den Abeelen (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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