Jane Getter Premonition -

(CD 2015, 47:28, Madfish SMACD1046)

The tracks:
  1- Surprised(8:01)
  2- Where Somewhere(6:13)
  3- Pressure Point(3:35)
  4- Train Man(7:56)
  5- Diversion(5:48)
  6- Falling(4:57)
  7- Logan (Would've Sounded Great On This)(5:22)
  8- Transparent(5:36)

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Jane Getter is probably not the most familiar name when you're a progressive rock addict. Maybe for fusion and jazz-rock aficionados she will be better known since she already made a name with three critically acclaimed guitar orientated jazz-rock albums. The last one called Three (2012) already showed her interest in progressive music, which isn't surprising since her hubby Adam Holzman and keyboardist of Steven Wilson, is part of her own band called Jane Getter Premonition. The recently released fourth album On will certainly appeal to both progressive rock and jazz fans.

If I mention the band members, I'm quite sure that many musicians will envy her for their high musical standard. So, apart from Jane Getter (guitar, vocals), we have Adam Holzman (piano, keyboards), bassist Bryan Beller of The Aristocrats, amongst others, and drummer Chad Wackerman, who basically played with all the major names in music, at least the ones that matter to me. Beside this great line-up some guest musicians joined like guitarist Alex Skolnick (Testament, Savatage), the famous Theo Travis on flute and saxophone and singer Corey Glover (Living Colour), who lent his warm and recognizable voice.

On starts with a brilliant track called Surprised, containing a solid progressive base, fine jazz orientated guitar sounds and powerful vocal parts from Corey and Jane. This song definitely has a Steven Wilson feel maybe due to the fact that Holzman is present with his recognizable sound and both Holzman and Wilson did the mixing. When the album continues, Jane returns to her jazz roots on Where Somewhere. Her jazzy and dark voice perfectly matches with her guitar playing and although the base of this song is jazz, Alex Skolnick adds a metal touch with nice and heavy progressive passages. Pressure Point is totally fusion, a showcase for the whole band, including some fine solo spots for piano and guitar. Train Man sees the return of Corey Glover's fine vocals and a strong guitar solo of Skolnick. This song is nicely built up from a smooth progressive song with a strong vocal middle-section, to a heavy progressive song that blows you away. In the end the peaceful sounds return.

Diversion is an interesting combination of jazz and heavy fusion. Here the bass and drums have their moments with some impressive parts, but also Jane's guitar playing sounds awesome in combination with the subtle piano sounds and the orchestration. Falling starts as a smooth acoustic sounding song with Theo Travis on flute and guitar; Jane's vocals shift this piece to a singer-songwriter style. The song has another strong combination of piano and electric guitar in the end. Logan (Would've Sounded Great On This) has been dedicated to the deceased bass player Steve Logan. It's a fine relaxed jazz-fusion song with strong guitar parts, soaring keyboards and a bass that takes the lead with strong melodies. The album ends with Transparent, a song having all three guest musicians on it. During this song it shows how both Glover's and Jane Getter's vocals perfectly blend together. Some nice guitar solos and a fine saxophone part make this song a solid effort of prog rock and fusion containing elements of both styles, perfectly fused together.

What more can I say? I'm a fan of fusion as well as progressive rock; the album On blends both styles on one shiny disc. As far as I'm concerned this album is filled with only highlights and incredibly great playing by the finest musicians you could ever wish for.

****+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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