Itís The End - Itís The End

(CD 2009, 79.23, MP 3093)

The tracks:
  1- Three Quarks Fur Muster(6:28)
  2- Inverted Implicitness(4:42)
  3- The Sickness On To Death (I. part one)(4:39)
  4- Basic Inceptiso!(5:42)
  5- Drakes Equation(10:32)
  6- The Salesmen Are The Real Whores(6:30)
  7- Xenophobia(7:04)
  8- Internal Combustion(5:33)
  9- Deep Fringe Ė Campfire Caboodle(6:16)
10- The Sickness Into Death (II part two)(5:31)
11- Tautological Torment(6:48)

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Itís The End is a Norwegian jazz rock and fusion group consisting of three musicians from Oslo with funny nicknames: Drutch, Retch and Quibble. They worked together on several other projects ranging from metal to jazz and classical music. Their music comprises a blend of metal, fusion, jazz and free improvisation.

Their eponymous debut album is almost instrumental. Only in the eleventh track The Sickness Into Death, Part 2 you hear some spoken words. The music is a mixture of Chick Corea, Frank Zappa, Meshuggah, King Crimson and Gong. This kind of jazz rock fusion music is definitely not my favourite style and after listening to this album, Iím sure it never will be. Therefore, it was difficult to compare this one to other albums. For me, the compositions are too chaotic, too turbulent, all tracks sound equal to me. Pieces with hardly any structure, no heads no tails and with too much improvised solos. Sorry, but it is hard for me to give an objective review of this album. If anybody is interested in this CD, please send an e-mail with your address to our website and it will be yours.†††††††††

* Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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