Investinmolden -

(CD 2013, 33:36, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Lust For Stars
  2- From Hammer And Spanner
  3- Halfway
  4- Hourglass/ Escape From Hourglass
  5- Extraterrestial Rock'n'Roll
  6- Glittering Sea

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Investinmolden are a Polish band formed in May 2009. The name was taken from North Malden Icelandic Saga Society, a sketch by Monty Python's Flying Circus. The phrase 'invest in Malden' was contracted to a single word, but the letter 'a' in Malden was accidentally changed into an 'o' when they registered the band's account on MySpace. Through the years several line-up changes occurred before the current line-up consisting of Michał Ambrożkiewicz (bass), Krzysztof Deskur (guitars), Mateusz Pawlukiewicz (drums) and Kacper Wojaczek (vocals, keyboards). Although the band already existed for four years, their first live performance took only place in May 2013.

Recently they requested me to review their latest recordings. Unfortunately the music they sent only lasts half an hour. So this means that we're dealing with a kind of EP or mini-disc. The band members label their music as a mixture of progressive and blues rock, and indeed, the six tracks on this CD move between these two genres. Right from the start I noticed that Investinmolden have still a lot to improve in order to become a professional sounding band. Especially the thin vocal parts and the sound of the (distorted) guitars need to be improved. The best parts, however, are the ones performed on the keyboards. Most of the time, the piano sounds very well providing the music a classical touch.

The tasteful synthesizer solos and the occasional orchestral synthesizer parts are well-performed and provide the album a strong progressive rock sound. This can especially be heard on Halfway. For now these compositions will do, but in the future they need more variety to remain interesting. A track like Hourglass / Escape From Hourglass sometimes sounds too monotonously. I found it rather difficult to compare Investinmolden to other bands, so I will leave that to the readers who can listen to the band's music on their websites!

To judge a young band that just started to record their music isn't easy. Surely, they do their utmost to sound like professionals, but it takes more to become a respected band for fans of progressive and blues rock. Maybe it's better to choose one particular style, since the prog rock style works out well, while the blues rock lacks musical variety. Investinmolden is a nice CD, but for the future they need to improve both their music and the compositions!

***- Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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