Inventions - Logica

(CD 2019, 54:16, Freia Music Thor52)

The tracks:
  1- Platonics(2:30)
  2- Logica(15:25)
  3- Mind Of God(5:04)
  4- Beholder's Eye(7:01)
  5- Three Worlds, Three Mysteries(5:43)
  6- Citadels(5:12)
  7- The Sum Of All Things(13:19)

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As one of the most innovative and productive musicians in The Netherlands, I think Christiaan Bruin keeps on renewing the concept of progressiveness in music. With Sky Architect, The Black Codex, The Mayra Orchestra or the albums he released under his own name; Chris, every album makes a progressive musical statement. Logica is the third album that Christiaan Bruin released under the moniker Inventions. Logica is an interesting journey that takes you through an atmospheric landscape with a well-chosen technical pattern and melodic variations.

Logica sees the guesting of Andy Rowe as the brilliant narrator, Theo Travis; famous for his work with Porcupine Tree, Robert Fripp, Gong, The Tangent and Soft Machine Legacy, to name just a few of his numerous collaborations. Musically the title track; Logica is a very interesting one; a smooth composition, with the aforementioned Theo Travis and the narration of Andy Rowe. Chris succeeds in keeping you focused on the music for the whole fifteen minutes, with delicate changes in mood and melody. Basically, the same goes for the final composition; The Sum Of All Things, which clocks over thirteen minutes of relevant musical parts joined into a continuing story. Due to the electronic voice on the tracks, sometimes Yogi Lang comes to mind. Especially Mind Of God reminds be a bit of RPWL, including the dedicated guitar solo at the beginning of the song.

Logica is a wonderful addition to Chris's increasing repertoire. An album that perhaps should have been released as a Chris solo album and not as an Inventions album. Nevertheless, the outcome results in a very enjoyable and inspiring album. One of the best albums by Chris I have heard so far

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Tracy van Os van den Abeelen)

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