The Intersphere -

(CD 2010, 51:15, ProgRock Records PPR840)

The tracks:
  1- Right Through Me(2:47)
  2- Prodigy Composers(4:06)
  3- Ghostwriter(4:04)
  4- Snapshot(4:20)
  5- Early Bird(3:23)
  6- In Satellites(2:36)
  7- I Have A Place For You On Google Earth(7:41)
  8- Interspheres<>Atmospheres(4:36)
  9- State Of The Divine(3:25)
10- Soap Bubbles In The Rain(4:38)
11- The Far Out Astronaut(3:50)
12- Tear Down The Walls(5:43)

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Since Background Magazine is a website that principally deals with progressive rock music, I'm not quite sure if the music of The Intersphere belongs here as their music is too sweet and too poppy... The band were formed in Germany in 2006 and according to the record biography they can be compared to Muse or Incubus. That sounds really weird to me for I don't hear those influences at all, but maybe that's due to the fact that my ears are no longer that youthful anymore! Songs like Soap Bubbles In The Rain or The Far Out Astronaut are nothing more than sheer, utterly boring pop rock melodies, which remind me more of an obscure band like Tokyo Hotel than of Muse! The most irritating track is probably Tear Down The Walls, which can best be described as dull, duller, dullest! On the entire album you won't hear any guitar or keyboard solo whatsoever, so this certainly is not my cup of tea and it definitely has anything to do with progressive rock music!

No rating, Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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