Inside Again -
Songs Of Love & Disaster

(CD 2013, 42:31, Lynx)

The tracks:
  1- Something More(3:47)
  2- The Only One(6:02)
  3- Nowhere Land(3:51)
  4- End Of The Night(4:32)
  5- Too Late(4:10)
  6- The Great Collapse(7:17)
  7- Anything More Than This(4:39)
  8- Never Come Here(4:01)
  9- Your Lies, Our Truth(4:13)

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The Polish band Inside Again, founded in 2009, consist of Michał Deptuła (vocals), Maciek Apt (guitar), Łukasz Nauhowicz (electronics, guitar), Paweł Potocki (keyboards), Marek Godłoza (bass) and Marek Veith (drums). Songs Of Love & Disaster is their second album after the debut End Of The Beginning (2010). This CD features nine songs that can be labelled best as alternative art rock with lots of guitar hooks and riffs reminding me of bands like Riverside or Oceansize. However, these musicians never reach the high musical level of these two bands. All the tracks sound very chaotic to me and the more you listen to it, the more you dislike Songs Of Love & Disaster as all the songs sound the same.

There's not really thought about the compositions, and the loops at the beginning of almost all tracks really got on my nerves. Two words crossed my mind as I listened to this album a couple of times: dull and predictable! Furthermore I have to say that Michał Deptuła is not my favourite singer, which is in fact a huge understatement and I sadly miss a couple of good guitar or keyboard solos. Again, this album is not my cup of tea, sorry guys...

*+ Martien Koolen (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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