Inside Again -
End Of The Beginning

(CD 2010, 46:09, LM 61 CD)

The tracks:
  1- Will You Come(7:07)
  2- Untouchables(4:46)
  3- Under Control(4:56)
  4- Good Believer(4:38)
  5- One Second(5:56)
  6- Runaway(5:06)
  7- Isolation(5:31)
  8- Chaos(6:06)
  9- Last Exit(2:04)

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Polish band Inside Again started in April/May 2009 that is, if the information on their MySpace site has been updated. Marek Godloza (bass guitar), Lukasz Naumowicz (keyboards, guitar) and Maciek Apt (guitars) recorded some songs with the help of friends who play in other Polish bands. After this successful first attempt, they added drummer Marek Veith to the line-up later on followed by singer Michal Deptula. Back in the studio they recorded together a number of additional tracks and by the end of 2009 they finished the debut album End Of The Beginning which is now ready to be offered to the world.

Will You Come opens the album with a didgeridoo turning into a mid-tempo alternative rock or perhaps a nu-metal song. This song definitely resembles Creed as far as the song structure is concerned. Michal Deptula's voice comes very close to Scott Strapp's. It's the electronics, especially the middle-section, that give Inside Again its own identity. When the album continues you hear influences of other bands Inside Again have listened to like Staind, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and The Cure. Listening to Under Control, you hear the major influence of their compatriots of Riverside. This is not meant to be a negative remark, because most of the current modern Polish bands use Riverside as a model from where they create a sound of their own. On Good Believer you can experience the diversity of Inside Again with layers of keyboards and very pleasant, recognizable vocal lines. You continuously think 'I heard something like this before', but that's just the way they write the songs: very melodic and accessible. The only song that's a bit of a maverick is Chaos. As the title already states this is a dark piece of 'structured' electronic chaos. It's not bad at all, but it doesn't suit the rest of the album. Personally I would have liked another song here in the vein of Runaway to replace Chaos. This piece has electronics too, but it's much more accessible for most people. The album ends with the short instrumental Last Exit, a sort of outro for the album.

Most of the songs of Inside Again are very accessible which leads to a sound many people will like: partly alternative rock combined with the more popular sounding progressive rock bands. Therefore, I think, when Inside Again gets the right promotion and a chance to play for a wider audience, they have the potential to grow into an international, well-known act.

***+ Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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