Infinity Overture -
The Infinity Overture, Part One

(CD 2011, 47:17, Lion Music LMC 296)

The tracks:
  1- The Hunger
  2- The Stand
  3- Angels
  4- Evernight
  5- Secrets
  6- Back From The Past
  7- Smoke And Mirrors
  8- The Infinity Overture Pt. 1
  9- Darkness Of Mind

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The Infinity Overture, Part One is the second album of the Danish band Infinity Overture. Perhaps I should say by the Danish guitarist Neils Vejlyt, because being the band's founding member, he's also the only player returning on the band's second album. On the first album Kingdom Of Utopia (2009) the vocal parts were shared by Ian Parry (Elegy, Consortium Project) and Anne Karine Prip, but on this album the choice was made to use only one lead vocalist namely Kimmie Tenna Nielsen. A right choice I have to say, for she has a perfect voice for this kind of music: powerful and sensitive at the same time. The rhythm-section now consists of the upcoming bass talent Bernardo Fesch and the technical skilled drummer Jacob Vand. Musically the changes are significant. From the more symphonic debut album, the boundaries have been widened to more guitar-orientated progressive music, whilst Kimmie's voice brings in elements of gothic metal.

The album opens with a guitar solo which already is a sign for the things to come. The Hunger is a powerful metal song wherein Kimmie gets some help from Rhapsody Of Fire' s singer Fabio Lione, a famous name in the world of prog metal. Amanda Sommerville also contributes to this album; she's known from many albums and projects like Aina and more recently Kiske Sommerville. The only negative remark I can think of regarding this album, are the occasional grunts in several songs. In The Stand, Evernight and Smoke And Mirrors the additional value of these grunts are neglectable. The songs are just great; Kimmie's vocals have some resemblance with Dutch vocalists Sharon den Adel (Within Temptation) and Simone Simons (Epica). The grunts in Evernight consolidate the link with Epica. The outstanding ability of Neils Vejlyt to write songs are demonstrated on the slower piece Angels and my personal favourite Secrets with fantastic vocals and superb guitar playing that brings Neils up to the rank of guitar hero. The epic songs Back From The Past and Darkness Of Mind also have made a deep impact on me: the emotional vocals combined with the blistering guitar solos, tasteful keyboards and the powerful rhythm-section make sure these songs will be remembered. In Darkness Of Mind, the grunts are this time added in a tasteful way. The title track combines all the technical abilities of the band: acoustic guitar, strong vocals, a piano that grows into a fast and furious guitar highlight, then slowing down again awaiting for the next guitar explosion to come.

If a second album differs so much from the debut album, it's hard to compare the two. So, for me Infinity Overture has made a fresh start with different people and different music.

Neils is a 'helluva' guitarist, combining progressive metal with a gothic and an occasional neo-classical (Yngwie Malmsteen) touch. Vocalist Kimmie is a pleasant surprise and her singing takes this album to a new level of progressive metal. I just love her voice. For me a new and powerful progressive metal formation has been born and I can't wait to hear what 'part two' will bring.

**** Pedro Bekkers (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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