Incura - Incura

(CD 2014, 43:45, Inside Out Records)

The tracks:
  1- Get The Gun(5:23)
  2- I Breathe This(4:47)
  3- I'm Here Waiting(4:09)
  4- Who You Are(4:08)
  5- Turning Blue(4:31)
  6- Decide(5:03)
  7- Here To Blame(4:14)
  8- The Greatest Con(3:17)
  9- I'd Give Anything(3:46)
10- Sweat Runs Cold(4:27)

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This is the debut album of a young rock band from Canada called Incura. Their music is theatrical and an eclectic blend of music genres, that will grab you by the throat right from the opening track Get The Gun, 'till the last song called Sweat Runs Cold. As a matter of fact you cannot pigeon-hole Incura, but if I had to name just a couple of influences, I would come up with: Focus, Mastodon, Genesis, Dream Theater, Queen and even The Red Paintings. Confused? I can well imagine, but listen to the album a few times and you'll probably hear some of the aforementioned influences. Get The Gun is a perfect opening track and it sets the tone for the entire CD, as that song is so catchy it gets under your skin right away, and the guitar solo in the middle is strikingly good. My personal favourite on this rather compact album is called The Greatest Con, which should become a great live track for Incura. However, be aware that you'll have to get used to the rather remarkable vocals of Kyle Gruninger, as they sound theatrical all-over and sometimes the vocals actually tend to go overboard, but they perfectly fit in with the music that sounds rather commercial throughout the album. Listen to the album a couple of times and you'll probably get hooked, as the album has lots of emotion, musical depth and passion. Check out Incura, their debut is a musical roller coaster which should be played at maximum volume. Play it loud and enjoy!!

***+ Martien Koolen (edited by Esther Ladiges)

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