Ilvcia -
In The Nature Of Reason

(CD 2013, 40:00, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- The Safe(12:07)
  2- Universe Of Fields(06:46)
  3- Baghdad I: The Gates(04:52)
  4- Baghdad II: The Market(06:17)
  5- Baghdad III: The Suburbs(04:02)
  6- Sir T. Weaver(05:44)

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The Spanish rock band Ilvcia was founded in Barcelona in 2010. The band incorporates progressive rock and post rock influences in their music. In September 2013 they released their first independent forty-minute (mini) album called In The Nature Of Reason. They recorded and produced this album entirely by themselves. The album can be streamed online, downloaded freely and can be purchased through their bandcamp website. The band comprise of Santiago Arderiu (drums, percussion), Ricard Rius (bass, backing vocals), Víctor Gil (guitars), Gerard Marrugat (guitar, vocals) and Guillem Laborda (keyboards).

Right from the beginning of In The Nature Of Reason, it's obvious that Ilvcia make their first steps in the music scene. Although the songs are worthwhile listening to, the recordings don't have the quality of a professional release. It's easy to determine that this album is a low-budget production. The six tracks show that the musicians are still looking for a musical direction and a style of their own. They switch from straightforward rock to a kind of progressive rock and even Spanish folk rock and Arabian music. This can be heard on Baghdad, which is divided into three pieces. Furthermore the musicians sometimes have problems to keep you focussed throughout the compositions. Comparing them with other bands isn't that easy. For me it's impossible to name some references! The musical highlights on this rather short first effort are without doubt those tracks about the city of Baghdad. In my opinion the weakest number is Sir T. Weaver, the closing track with rather weak vocals in a too simple song.

To give this album a fair assessment isn't easy as I know that the musicians have spent a lot of work, time and money to get their music recorded. Keeping that in mind I realize that I can't be too harsh in my judgment. However, on their next record they should try hard to write more interesting compositions and record and produce them in a better way. For now they can look back at a more or less satisfying debut. People who are interested and want to find out why I couldn't compare them to any other bands should check out their websites!

***- Henri Strik (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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