Illumion -
Hunting For Significance

(CD 2009; 58:39; Progress Records PRCD 034)

The tracks:
  1- Encomium(05:09)
  2- Scarlet Sin(05:25)
  3- Chrysanthemum(04:46)
  4- Into The Labyrinth(05:17)
  5- Metamorphosis(05:25)
  6- The Prophecy(05:42)
  7- Under the Harrow(04:06)
  8- Died for Beauty(05:26)
  9- Infinity(06:01)
10- Whirlwind(05:34)
11- The Bliss(05:44)

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Here is another release in the crowded segment of female-fronted gothic. If you want to hunt for significance in this genre, you better come up with something special. In that case, the history of Illumion differs from most bands. Guitarist Eviline van Kampen put this Dutch group together after she graduated from the conservatory. She enlisted fellow students and musicians from Dutch band S.O.T.E. as well and started to write songs right away. Hunting For Significance is the result and it sounds just as you would expect from a gothic-type band with a female singer. The sound of Illumion mostly resembles that of Stream Of Passion. In particular, the voice of singer Esther Ladiges is quite the same as the voice of SOPís Marcela Bovia. The compositions are quite good, but not that remarkable except for the song Metamorphosis, that has a good and somewhat vicious hook. As a debut, Hunting For Significance is nice, but the bandís hunt for significance should go on for the time being.

***Andrť de Waal (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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