Il Rumore Bianco -

(CD 2013, 27:48, Private Release)

The tracks:
  1- Tutto On Sogno (part 1)(6:13)
  2- Il Vestito Buono(6:19)
  3- Il Primo Attore(6:11)
  4- Tutto On Sogno (part 2)(9:05)

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Il Rumore Bianco (= the white noise) is an Italian six-piece playing prog rock and consisting of Eddy Fiorio (lead vocals, synths), Thomas Pessina (keyboards, synth, backing vocals), Michele Zanotti (electric and acoustic guitars, saxophone), Frederico Lonardi (electric and acoustic guitars), Alessandro Danzi (bass guitar) and Umberto Sartori (drums). Their latest EP Mediocrazia contains only four songs of which the first one Tutto On Sogno starts with a two-minute instrumental intro, including a guitar riff and a rocking organ becoming louder and louder until it changes into the loud and spooky voice of Eddy Fiorio. The remainder of the song has a slow and complex tempo, but with a modern and fresh sound. Towards the end you'll hear an instrumental break as the organ takes the lead; a very progressive rock song and a promising start.

The second piece Il Vestito Buono is almost a copy of the previous track. It starts with calm organ sounds and drums accompanied by the chopping guitar riffs of Michele Zanotti. Halfway through it's getting quite chaotic and there's a lack of balance between the individual instruments. I can't help that the unpredictable rhythms get on my nerves. Il Primo Attore is not only very edgy, but from time to time very jazzy as well. Listen to the experimental saxophone playing by Zanotti and the funky piano played by Pessini. In this song it's obvious that Il Rumore Bianco want to explore music beyond the boundaries of prog rock.

The final song is the second part of Tutto On Sogno that rather differs from the first part. With more than nine minutes it's not only the longest track on the album, but also the mellowest and most relaxing song. It contains nice drumming by Umberto Sattori. But mind you, after four minutes all hell breaks loose again, which I didn't like at all! Fortunately the dying minutes of this EP are quiet and peaceful again. Well, briefly summarizing: Mediocrazia is a CD for prog heads who have a soft spot for experimental music.

**+ Cor Smeets (edited by Peter Willemsen)

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