Il Fauno Di Marmo -
The Rebus Years 2001 - 2012

(2CD 2014, 39:40/ 39:00, Andromeda Relix - AND 40)

The tracks:
CD 1: Rebus (2002)
  1- Ronchi Calibro P.N.P.(2:46)
  2- Piccola Colomba Bianca(4:28)
  3- Donegal(3:14)
  4- L'Ultimo Viaggio(4:11)
  5- Lui E' Come Gli Altri(7:04)
  6- Ramadan(4:59)
  7- Ghetto Mama(3:52)
  8- Cogito Ergo Sum(5:32)
  9- Madre Natura(3:30)
CD 2: Acroterius (2005)
  1- Il Vecchio E Il Cane(5:05)
  2- The Rebel(3:52)
  3- Tantric Meditations(1:26)
  4- A Vatara(6:59)
  5- The Gentleman Song(3:05)
  6- Three Women Blues(4:31)
  7- La Battaglia Di Kosovo-Polje(4:12)
  8- Metamorphosys(5:38)
  9- About To Die(4:08)

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Il Fauno Di Marmo looks back on their time as the band: Rebus. It was a tough nut to crack. I couldn't really get in to it. I tasted the enthusiasm of the musicians. But still ...
The Italian language is a little difficult for me. It's a beautiful language without doubt. And there are many songs that make it more beautiful through artists like for instance Laura Pausini, Eros Ramazzotti and Zucchero.

In my opinion the quality of the singers is below average and that takes the rest of the music down. Disk 1 (Rebus) sounds vintage, the tracks are from an older era of the band Rebus.
Although it is recorded around 2001 it sounds like it is done in the seventies. I really can't say more about this disk. Disk 2 (Acroterius) sounds more sophisticated although it seems to be partly a live recording, and it is better recorded/produced. A nice song is La Battaglia Di Kosovo-Polje. It's a little song that sounds quite theatrical, about a long forgotten battle in Kosovo in the year 1389. But in the end the only track that was pulling my attention is the new recording (2013) of a song About To Die by Procol Harum. The use of the flute brings back memories from bands like Jethro Tull, Focus, and sometimes Edge. Again, you can hear the enthusiasm of the musicians. They are skilled enough to create a good music set. Sometimes bluesy sometimes jazzy. The accent of the singer sometimes made me laugh when he tries to sing in English. Brings me back to the times I watched “Allo Allo” with Capitain Bertorelli.

Nice for people who are dedicated fans of this band, or more like personal acquaintances. I'll maybe give it a go with an Italian friend of mine.

*+ Erik van Os (edited by Astrid de Ronde)

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